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Long Vehicle Workshop
LONG VEHICLE - lengh: 11 meters - 2001/2 -
You can visit it every time in the area of the castle "Schloß Dreilützow" which is in the near of Schwerin near the Baltic Sea in Germany.
In former times the vehicle has been used to transport the workers to the fields. I painted it after technical reconstruction. Today groups of the holiday home "Schloss Dreilützow" are able to use it to get inspiration while driving around the Mecklenburg landscape. The vehicle is painted from both sides. May be you can check it out from board of an airplane.
OBJECTS, Park Castle Dreilützow, 2003/2004, Workshop Works,

At this meadow stand and hang some objects made at two artistic workcamps/workshops with young people from several countries (Korea, Netherlands, Russia, Finnland, Mexico, Austria, Belgium, France... I was the artistic leader of these Art Projects in 2003 and 2004.

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